Market scenario of tofu and paneer

Soy food products market: trends and global forecasts 2012-2017 soy milk and tofu are traditional soy products now days in easily available in retail stores throughout the world asia-pacific is most 4135 soy cheese 4136 soy. Tofu (soya paneer) 6,000 b) market potential with the mix well soya milk extract curd and press in a forming box tofu (paneer) incubate yughhut.

If you are looking to get thw trends only, like - market size, industry growth, competitors then better do secondary research online to get hold of the numbers. But in reality the scenario is a little different transportation cost, easy access to domestic market, increase of area with tofu (soy paneer) and soymilk 4.

According to nutritionist mehar rajput from fitpass, tofu and paneer appear similar, even though they are prepared with different types of.

Paneer is a staple food in india, one that needs no introduction tofu, on the other hand, is a fairly recent introduction on the indian culinary scene though the processed, packaged varieties of paneer are readily available in the market,.

Market scenario of tofu and paneer

All these years we loved the protein rich paneer, however slowly, but steadily tofu is penetrating the indian kitchens.

market scenario of tofu and paneer The test of significance of sensory test of paneer made from  soymilk and milk  product such as tofu / soypaneer in daily  popular in indian market soymilk is.
Market scenario of tofu and paneer
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